Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sleepin on the job...

Hey...this guy is the funniest person to watch when he's falling asleep...and the places and positions he can fall asleep happens even in mid-sentence...

He's good...

Isn't he cute?

Monday, May 25, 2009

We Miss You

Hi,Rex,Jeigh,Jenna,Halle,Jett, & Reese
We miss you guys we are all excited for all of you to come this summer.How are you doing?The kids are getting so big I can't wait to hold the baby.Guess what?,I'm getting my tonsils out on the first of June,I'm excited.Someone finally wrote something on the family blog and it is me,Olivia.It was fun talking to you on the phone a few weeks ago.Benny got baptized on Saturday.A few minutes ago the cat puked,and I had to clean it up,but Gill is paying me $10.00 for it
Well that's all for now

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Exercise--Fun for All!

Hey Everyone! It's Jeigh. I just thought, in light of the Biggest Loser competition, that I would tell you all about the new thing I just tried. Maybe you've heard of's...Water Aerobics! Oh, it is soooo fun, and it's a great workout. Put aside your notions of old lady-ness. Yes, I will admit, there was a majority of old(er) women there, but there was also a pregnant woman, and Me, the out of shape new mommy. I liked it, because you can do lots of core exercises and things to help your flexibility, and even get a little heart pumping going on. Plus, you never get hot and sweaty, or sore, or even really tired, just rejuvinated. So, give it a try if you can. Challenge yourself, and you will get a good workout. Oh, but I would recommend changing in one of the stalls* afterward. (I got an eyeful of naked old lady. Ew.)

*I did change in a stall, by the way. I didn't really want to answer questions about my "magic underwear."

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Work Out Programs

Its Chels again...yes I am addicted to fitness. So we found some great 12 week programs that I thought I'd share with ya'll just in case you're bored with the routine you have or you've been trying to get one going. Gill and I are doing the women's fat burning one. Then on the off days I'm doing the 5k running one, yes to train for the Pocatello marathon! Amber I'm in. Any other takers? No worries, I'll still be slow. So I learned some interesting things today while a friend was helping us learn how to do all of the exercises. You're supposed to do a 5 min warm up, all the weight stuff(like one of the programs), then cardio, then whatever extra...we do abs, then stretch. In that order, something about warming you're muscles up first then doing cardio burns more fat and gains more muscle...I don't know but it sounds good and it felt nice! That's three days of week, then on the off days do some cardio and work other areas. No more relief society arms! Anywho, here are the posts.
Muscle building for women:
Muscle building for men(check out the ripped like Brad Pitt one!):
Running for ANYONE(look around on the website, there's a ton of great programs):
Alrighty there you go. Happy working out and call me!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Hello beautiful familia!! We are doing the biggest loser. So if you would like to be involved join on in! We are doing weekly weigh ins on Fridays. We're doing the percentage of weight lost. So do it. No really do it the same way they do it on the show... total weight lost during the week divided your previous weight (what you weighed the week before). So call Chels to report on Fridays. However, even if you don't have anything to lose (Russ, Amber, Rin, Jeigh, Dallen...okay so there's a lot of you!) the whole goal is to get in good shape so we can go biking and boarding next year!!! So if you have nothing to lose or if you do this is to encourage some fantastic exercise and better eating. Speaking of, I found an awesome website called that helps get you into a regime or training program. I'm starting the "couch potato to 5K program." Super neat! Let's get training for that marathon! Alright that's enough of the motivational talks. We love you all!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thank goodness for the diaper!

There were some moments at grandma and grandpa's house that got a little crazy! I think that the kids just LOVE to be there and end up bubbling over with much jubilee and craziness!! We are all just glad to have a home away from home....right here at "Da-ma and Bomp-pa's!" Hope you laugh lots!

Fun at Grandma and Grandpa's!